The last crazy adventure of Sherlock Holmes

Compañía: Spin-Off Theatre
Tipo: Actores
Tema: Aprendizaje de inglés
Público: Entre 12 y 16 años
Idioma: Inglés
Tipo: 50 minutos aprox.

Descripción: The legendary sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, takes the stage in this funny production by Spin-Off Theatre. The clever Holmes skillfully maneuvers the twisted web of London's most intriguing cases with his split-second deductions revealing the most intimate details of a person's life. Sherlock is a master of disguise and a brilliant actor, as well as a composer and musician - is there anything Sherlock Holmes can't do? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's vivid characters jump from the page weaving a tale of suspense and intrigue. In addition to Holmes, many of Doyle's other well-known creations are on hand such as; the trusted sidekick Dr. Watson and Irene Adler, the woman who got away, and the only woman to have won Sherlock's respect.

Miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2.020
Almería Auditorio Municipal Maestro Padilla